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Founded in 2016, 3 budding entrepreneur who have enormous believe in creating a platform to empower homeowners in helping them achieve their dream home. Teaming up with a seasoned Carpenter with 30 over years experience, they set out to realise this mission.

At Pop Motif, our mission is to help our customers to unlock their creativity and build lasting relationship along the way. Today, with over 500 projects under our belt and a growing team with different set of technical backgrounds we are more than confident to strive even at a greater heights to help our customers in creating a space that DESERVE TO BE NOTICED.

Our Founders

Nazareen Muslim


Managing Director

Nazareen is responsible in implementing and executing the company business strategies, establishing company policies as well as legal guidelines. His role includes; building trusting relationships with the board of directors and business partners whilst overseeing the company's financial performance, investment, and other business ventures.

Rashid Rahim


Marketing Director

Adding creativity beyond renovations in Singapore, Rashid Rahim is the creative mind behind the brand's colourful social media content. Together with his team, they are bent on changing how renovation contractors in Singapore are seen, by adding a touch of uniqueness to the brand's content through tongue-in-cheek postings.

Additionally, Rashid plays an integral role in expanding the brand's presence through events and campaigns.

Hamizan Shah


Operations Director

The anchor in ground operations, Hamizan Shah ensures all PopMotif projects run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. His main role centers around keeping track of home renovation projects by carefully and strategically allocating them with the right team, at the right time, with the right resources.

Beyond just overseeing logistical needs, Hamizan works on building and maintaining relationships with organizations in the renovation industry.



Muhammad Farhan

Executive Director

Boasting more than 12 years of Architectural Project experience, Muhammad Farhan is highly-apt at design, coordination, and project management for construction and renovations of varying scales. He has overseen projects both in Singapore and overseas.

Farhan's key role is to establish and implement systems to ensure the expansion of business are in line with the company's goals.

Sazalie Mohd Said

Chief Carpenter

Sazalie Mohd Said is the backbone of PopMotif Carpentry. Armed with over 3 decades of carpentry experience, he truly is the master of his trade. His experience encompasses the right know-hows to navigate not only carpentry, but also construction in its entirety.

Sazalie is passionate about his role and this is evident as he mentors the young team, imparting his knowledge where possible, thus becoming a valued partner of the brand.


Reno Strategists

Alfian Ilham

RS Marketing Manager

Amran Ishak

RS Manager

Khairul Anuar

Reno Strategist


Reno Strategist


Reno Strategist


Reno Strategist


Shahir Azlee

Project Manager


Project Coordinator


Marketing Manager


Nadiah Muslim

Admin Executive


Sales & Marketing Administrator


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