Pop Motif interior

nothing is more fulfilling than to turn your ideas and dreams into a beautiful home that deserved to be noticed. We are dedicated to accomplish your renovation needs and aspirations...

we specialized in

project management

Your project will be handled with genuine care, organized deadlines and systematic processes.

premium material

We ensure you will receive competitive materials from our preferred reliable suppliers that were meticulously selected.

no hidden cost

To avoid unexpected excessive figures, every cost down to details are being laid out to you in advance.

in-house carpentry

We hire our own carpenters. Therefore, we assured the quality and efficiency of our workmanship to furnish your finest carpentry requirements.

transparent pricing

Enjoy a reasonable rate as you engaged a direct renovation company and bypass any middleman fees.

detailed consultation

The precious time you spent with our competent reno strategist will be lively as we assess to achieve your ideal abode.

We define home

in your heart

we understand your home is not just for resting. Its a place where dreams are created, its a place where most of your memories are made and where you and your family connect and pray together. We understand while you bond as a family, each individual are unique and have different needs. We aspire to build homes that not only beautiful but also inspire to bring out the best in each and everyone of your family. Through toughtful design and careful planning we hope to add value to the life of our clients.

ask us

“A house is made of walls & beams, a home is built with love and dreams”


What our clients say...

sharm ramli

“Beyond doubt they’ve worked hard to make Me n My Wife dream come true. We are demanding at times but they take it professionally and proof to us they are serious on what they are doing. The Quality and Finishing is up to my liking and expectations. Tq very much Team Pop Motif.”

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